Returning Spirits

This week, my partner and I made an all-too-rare trip to the cinema. Not to a popcorn-carpeted theatre the size of a small city, but to our local, volunteer-run Cube Microplex, to see Atlantics. We go to see a different view of the world we live in, or to visit an imagined world, and like… Continue reading Returning Spirits

Worth of a Nation: Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, the Oscars and Capra

Here’s why I’m going to bat for BlacKkKlansman. I don’t have to ask my partner about her best moviegoing experience of 2018, because I remember the visceral responses that came from the seat directly to my left – expressions of every feeling art can produce, a pile-up of emotions at the picture’s several denouements, and… Continue reading Worth of a Nation: Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, the Oscars and Capra

Did You Say that Life Could be Better? Wye Oak – The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs

It’s a kaleidoscope of widescreen keyboards, arpeggiators and drums, into which axewoman Jenn Wasner injects high-voltage bliss at perfectly judged moments. Several points on the album made me inwardly conclude 'ah, this is what music should be'.